Exchanger – a website for online currency exchange, there is a selector with a search, a popup with a review form, I used grid; The difficulty was in finding currencies by select, fortunately I found a library that solved the problem, I had never worked with it, but I figured it out in a day. The customer wanted to make a stroke, but since additional indents were not provided for in the design, I explained that there would be problems, offered solutions, sent screenshots, but decided to leave it as is. The prepayment was 50%, the main work was done by page layout, in the end it turned out that the designer did not design the footer and the expanded selector, so the deadlines were pushed back by 2 days, after which I submitted the project and received the remaining amount. The customer was very pleasant, responded quickly, and hurried the designer to finish the layout

Price: $200
Time frame: 8 days

Demo GitHub
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